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So much is attached with stardom and research has shown that every human has at least six lookalikes in the world. Here are 7 players and their own female lookalike. 1. Alexis Sanchez: Remember that smile? There you have it. She’s got it too.
Alexis Sanchez

2. Fernando Torres: The Athletico Madrid man has a fair share of the oblong face.

Torres and his female lookalike

3. Diego Armando Maradona. Arguably the best ever player to have graced planet earth. That’s ‘HER’!

Maradona(R) and his female lookalike

4. Neymar: See the carbon-copy of the Brazilian.

Neymar and a lookalike

5. Mersut Ozil. Don’t get confused, that’s not his sister.Ozil

6. Lionel Messi: Wow! Just imagine she plays soccer too…

Messi and a lookalike female

7. Gareth Bale. Is this why Bale is beginning to keep his hair?Bale and his female look-alike

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