Stark Vpn Not Currently Working With Etisalat 0.00k

I wanna notify you guys that stark vpn is not working with Etisalat 0.00k at the moment.

If you are having difficulty using the Etisalat 0.00k on Stark vpn kindly switch to tweakware vpn. 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Don’t forget, this cheat is limited as it gives you 60mb daily.

The Etisalat 0.00k is still working on phisphon too.

Download tweakware here www.tweakwarevpn.net or download it here Hot – Tweakware Vpn Updated To Version 5.0. See Features

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If yours is still working on Stark vpn, kindly comment using the ccomment box below

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