In this world were things are rapidly changing girly girls are
becoming very scarce not because they want to but because they are
afraid of what other females would think of them. Every woman now claims
to be a “King woman” no longer the “Weaker vessel” and this is a good
feat but the problem is the fact that they have stiffed and are stiffing
other women who want to embrace their femininity. A girly girl is a
person who embraces who she is as a women but doesn’t let it hinder her
strengths or her personality. She is one that loves to appear put
together without any malice or vanity involved.
Like everything in
this life being a “girly girl” is a personal choice, no one can force
you to be or not to be. Remember that you are who you are and can only
be somebody else for so long so do not let the pressure of some bull dog
feminist weigh you down, you have your strengths and they work best for
you so do not shy away from them rather embrace them and cultivate the
proper appearance and behavior.
Spring/Summer or the rainy season
are a girly girls best time of the year because it signifies growth;
trees bloom, grasses are greener, everywhere feel fresh and brand new.
This is the motivation behind many of their looks, it should be expected
that a girly female would be in love and awe of colors, some that
represents delicate life forms like flowers.
Here’s style blogger
Tosin aka TosTos of stylebyalexandriah serving us some girly styles.
Here she rocks a lovely lace dress in the tall length. This dress in in
the mauvy-lavender hue and its just super gorgeous. The style blogger
kept her look very simple only spotting very minimal accessories.
Here’s our look of the day; Girl with peonies

Look of the day

Look of the day
stylebyalexandriah 1

stylebyalexandriah 1
stylebyalexandriah 2

stylebyalexandriah 2
stylebyalexandriah 3

stylebyalexandriah 3
stylebyalexandriah 4

stylebyalexandriah 4
stylebyalexandriah 5

stylebyalexandriah 5
stylebyalexandriah 6

stylebyalexandriah 6
Girl With Peonies

Girl With Peonies

we bring you our look of the day it is to show you how an outfit can be
styled to perfection… What do you think about this mauvy lavender lace
dress, I absolutely love it, you? Share with us in the comment section

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