In Africa, turbans were commonly used strictly by Muslim clerics,
orthodox Christian priests and court officials among other nobles.
Turban headgear which is originally worn by men in North Africa, South
and South-East Asia, has gained acceptance and popularity over time in
the world of fashion not just among men but women as well.
those in the know would agree with me, Velvet is the latest material to
achieving turbans and it’s trending worldwide. If you ask me, it has
redefined ‘elegance’ and stands out among other types of head wraps in

head wrap is all about expressing yourself with your shoulders high, as
it comes in different designs, shapes and sizes. However you want your
turban wrapped, trust to have the world’s attention on your head.
ease that comes with tying turbans makes it even more desirable. Now
you may want to go for the quick and simple turban wraps such as vintage
bow, faux sleek bun or the complex such as braided turban. And of
course even if you’ve got short hair, curled or dread locks, be sure of
countless glam wraps to give you that classy looks you deserve.
can never go wrong with a well tied turban as you can wrap it to fit
just any event any time, any day which is why we’ve got these velvet
turban in pictures to inspire you…

Blue Velvet

Green velvet

White velvet

Red velvet

Pink embellished velvet

Pink velvet
Be Inspired!!!
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