The Igbos Must Leave, Northern Youths Tell Osinbajo

The coalition, which called for a plebiscite, said its position was
predicated on the need to grant the Igbo their desire in a peaceful

It said the quit notice was not in any way near the
threats the Igbo had been issuing other parts of Nigeria in their quest
to have their own country.

In the letter signed by five of its
leaders, including Yerima Shettima and Abdulazeez Suleiman, the northern
coalition said international laws allowed right to self-determination
through legal means.

Therefore, leaders of the groups reiterated their call for a referendum to be conducted on the issue.

we do not see the clamour for Biafra as an issue over which a single
drop of blood should be shed, we at the same time, insist that the Igbo
be allowed to have their Biafra and for them to vacate our land
peacefully so that our dear country, Nigeria, could finally enjoy
lasting peace and stability,” the youth groups said.

They advised
the Igbo at home and in the Diaspora to converge in the South East for a
plebiscite to be conducted by the United Nations and other regional
bodies for them to categorically decide between remaining in Nigeria and
having their separate country.

“Given the unrepentant
antecedents exhibited by the Igbo, we strongly believe that the gruesome
picture that the Biafran agitation represents is beyond a few people
showcasing to Your Excellency, that the Igbo will eventually heed the
call for peace and desist from their dangerous campaign against
Nigeria,” they said.

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