Rapper arrested night after show

The rapper who was performing at the Arkansas nightclub where 28 people were injured in a shooting has been arrested.
Ricky Hampton, known as Finese 2Tymes, was arrested
on outstanding warrants one night after the incident, police confirmed
on Twitter.
Authorities have said his arrest is unrelated to
Saturday’s mass shooting at the Power Ultra Lodge in Little Rock,
Arkansas, which saw multiple gunshots being fired inside the club.
“No arrests have been made in the mass shooting,” they said, confirming that the incident appeared to have been gang-related.

Scene from the road in front of the nightclub where the shooting occurred

Emergency services outside the Little Rock nightclub where the shooting occurred

The 25-year-old rapper from Memphis and another man were arrested by
US Marshals at the Side Effects Club in Birmingham, where Hampton was
performing on Sunday.
The two men are being held on a fugitive from justice warrant.
Facebook page on Saturday shared a message of support to the victims of
the shooting, writing: “The violence is not for the club people.”
“We all come with one motive at the end of the day, and that’s to have fun,” it added.
Mayor of Little Rock announced on Saturday the nightclub had been
shutdown after the incident, and that all 28 people were expected to
“My heart is broken this morning. My prayers are with the
victims of this tragedy. We are committed to doing everything possible
to bring safety to our city,” he said in a statement.


The poster for Friday night’s performane by Finese2Tymes

Mayor Mark Stodola also said the city must “keep guns out of the
hands of the wrong people” and suggested that people refuse to patronise
clubs that seem to promote violence.
He also criticised Finese
2Tymes’ advertising material, exhibited before the show, which shows a
man pointing a gun at the camera.
“A promotional video with a gun
on the front cover inviting people to a concert … should also be
totally unacceptable in our community,” the mayor said.
The incident comes as the city faces a week of violence, when more than 10 drive-by shootings were registered.
Rock Police Chief Kenton Buckner said there were likely multiple
shooting suspects following the incident, adding that the injuries were
likely the result of a dispute between two people.
“One is too many,” Mr Buckner said.
“Seventeen is very alarming and certainly disturbing.”

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