The most exciting aspect of the engagement process can also arguably
be the most agonizing: Deciding which type of ring you’ll have. After
all, it’s the longest style commitment you’ll ever make.

ring is a symbol of the love, devotion, and fidelity a couple shares.
The very shape and design of the ring, however, has additional symbolism
that many couples incorporate when they design a ring or select the
perfect ring to represent their relationship.
Many couples choose
engagement rings infused with personal symbolism. Engagement rings are a
personal choice and even if brides don’t realise it, the ring on their
finger speaks volumes about their personality, depending on how its cut.
Designer engagement rings often have unique designs and cuts that spell
out words or dates, and unique settings can be used to incorporate a
couple’s individual tastes for personal symbolism.
Well, here’s what you engagement ring says about you….

  • Round cut

the sort of bride who likes classic, timeless things and doesn’t dress
over the top. You always look smart, chic and classy without spending
hours in front of the mirror. In short, the type of women men don’t
worry about introducing to their parents.

  • Marquise cut

the bride who loves being the centre of attention. The marquise cut
will help you stand out from the crowd given its unique shape, which can
also be characterised as a boat-shaped brilliant stone.

  • Princess cut

in the sixties, the princess cut was the on-trend ring back in the day.
The shape has seen a revival in recent years, and is perfect for the
stylish bride who always has her finger on the fashion pulse.

  • Emerald cut

emerald cut ring reflects the glamour of a Hollywood screen goddess.
You’re the type of bride who has class, charm and effortlessly manages
to be the centre of attention. The emerald boasts long, glamorous lines
so suits women with long fingers.

  • Heart cut

heart-shaped bride is emotional, thoughtful and will see the delicately
shaped ring as a very obvious symbol of love. The heart is the ultimate
symbol of romance and sentimentality especially when presented in an
engagement ring.

  • Pear cut

a teardrop, this hybrid cut combines the features of the oval and
marquise. If you love the brilliance and fire of the round cut diamond,
but would like a unique shape to match your own your style and
sensibilities, the pear is renowned as one of the more interesting fancy

the personalization, there is no denying that engagement ring symbolism
factors heavily into a couple’s choice of ring. The most important
thing is that the ring truly represent the love, honor, and commitment
they will share for many years to come.

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