Ukraine says – Russia behind recent cyber attack

Cyber Defense On Saturday the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) [official website] accused a recent cyber attack on Russia and the Kremlin. The SBU stated [BBC report] that the hackers behind the most recent attack are the same as those who conducted an attack
[Reuters report] on the Ukrainian power grid in December 2016. Experts
worldwide are still trying to decide who was behind the most recent
attack which took out computers, disrupted shipping, and hit banks
across the globe. Some experts are unsure if the Russians are the ones
behind the attack, as Russian oil companies Gazprom and Rosneft
[corporate websites] both reported that they were affected by the
attack. There was a minor ransom demand for $300, but it has been
concluded that financial enrichment was not the purpose behind the
attack. The SBU stated
[Reuters report] that “the main purpose of the virus was the
destruction of important data, disrupting the work of public and private
institutions in Ukraine and spreading panic among the people”. While
purpose of the recent attack was directed against financial
institutions, it quickly spread to other sectors.

Cyber warfare
continues to be one of the most common kinds of attack being used by
countries in the current day and age. Russia has been accused for many
of the attacks, which has led to repercussions across the globe. In May
Ukraine imposed sanctions  against a handful of Russian tech companies in
retaliation for cyber attacks, raising the total number of firms
sanctioned to over 400. Though many attacks are difficult to pinpoint
who was the actual culprit, there are typically signs of where the
attacks originated. In May cyber security researchers believe that the
found indicators pointing to North Korea being behind an attack  in May that affected over 300,000 computers across the
globe. The most published cyber attack in the recent past was the
alleged Russian attempt to disrupt and influence the American election.
In March the DOJ announced indictments  against four Russian individuals in connection with the hacking of email accounts.

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