You would agree with me that the colour Black has been making rounds
at events unlike what we all thought the colour was associated with
(e.g- mourning, depression or death). Black is now the new ‘cool’ for
happy events. The colour is associated with elegance, luxury, authority
and power. A black gele is no different as we’ve seen quite  a number of
ladies rocking it and of course, slaying it!
Even though, we
often talk about how black is the go-to colour for virtually everything,
it is however a rare sight to see people rocking black geles at
ceremonies. This we believe is because black is not a very popular
colour for Aso ebi but this rarity tends to bring out and emphasize the
beauty of any outfit and make up.
But now, black is the new white
as it could also represent a strong, classy, determined and sensual
person. Injecting black in the event decoration also creates a feeling
of couture, class and modernity. Aso ebi, these days are often seen
being styled with black geles standing tall in contrast with other
Nigerian brides are now incorporating this colour trend
slowly in their wedding plans although we still have a lot of people
with reservations on the use of this colour of gele for weddings.
we have come up with 10 times we’ve seen ladies rocking and slaying the
black geles . If you like the colour but don’t know how it would play
out or you just need a little inspiration, then this is for you…




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