10 Embarrassing Things Your Body Does That You Can’t Control

 Embarrassing Things Your Body Does That You Can’t Control

Humans can teach their bodies to do amazing things like memorize the
whole textbook or run 100 meters in less than 10 seconds. But what about
the things your body does by accident? These other things you never
celebrate; these are things that sometimes embarrass you. The things you
don’t want to talk about that are totally natural.

In our fun facts for the week, we shall be discussing top 10 things your body does but you can’t control.

10 Forgetting Why You Walked into a Room

This is something we rarely discuss with others. I’m talking about
walking into a room, and then totally forgetting about the purpose of
your journey in that room. Sounds familiar?

The reason for this phenomenon apparently, all comes down to the
doorway, it has been termed the doorway effect. Scientists found out
that people were three times more likely to forget piece of information
if they had to walk through a doorway before remembering it. What
happens is your brain sees doorway as a boundary. In other words what
happens before the doorway can stay there.

9. Gleeking

This isn’t bursting into song and dance at any opportunity. This happens
when you accidentally shoot a gush of saliva from under your tongue
like a snake spitting. Gleeking as a word has been around since the 1500
and even crops up in Shakespeare’s Henry V. It happens when saliva
builds up in your mouth maybe because you’ve eaten something sour. When
you yawn, you may accidentally squeeze the saliva gland under your
tongue and whoosh there it goes. Ever experienced this before? Always
cover your mouth when you yawn.

8. Blushing

Many of us might not be familiar seeing our cheeks go red, but we are
definitely familiar with the word. We’ve all been there you’re in a
difficult situation and your cheeks go a dark shade of red showing the
world that you’re not okay. Is it embarrassment, anger, or just your
body’s way of handling pressure?

Charles Darwin called blushing the most peculiar of human expressions
and the reason for it is still unknown to this day. Some scientists
believe it developed as a way of submitting to dominant people in the
society, others believe it’s an internal reaction to anger or way for
people to find out if someone is lying. Either way there may be a silver
lining for those who blush.

A team of Dutch psychologists tested 130 undergraduate students at the
University of Groningen; and discovered that people are more likely to
forgive and viewed favorably if the person who committed the
embarrassing act is visibly blushing. Dont think this is a
get-out-of-jail-free card bow it’s unlikely to work all the time

7. Hypnagogic Jerk

This is the technical definition for something you’ve most likely
wondered about in the past. It refers to when you shudder and twitch as
you drift off to sleep. Sometimes you do so violently. It causes you to
wake, but can be pretty unsettling especially if you’re watching someone
else do it. Hypnagogic means the period of time when you’re falling
asleep by the way.

Scientists are not 100-percent sure, why these jerks happen but there
are a lot of theories. Some believe it’s caused by stress or an
unhealthy lifestyle. Another interesting one is that your primate brain
mistakes falling asleep for falling out of a tree so jerk to your wake
to take action. Studies claim that 70 percent of people experience
hypnagogic jerk when they fall asleep. Have you ever noticed yourself
doing this?

6. Yawning

It’s one of those things we all do but we hate to be caught doing it. We
also hate it when other people yawn in front of us; but why do we yawn?
Scientists used to believe it was to take more oxygen into your lungs
and to keep your body awake and alert. They now believe that yawning is
your body’s way of cooling down the brain. Yawning brings in a burst of
cold air, which is kind to the brain pushing out excess heat that’s why
you feel more alert when yawning. Why is yawning contagious though that
we don’t know.

5. Being Ticklish

If you’re a ticklish person you’re probably twitching just thinking
about it. Why do we do it? Evolutionary biologists and neuroscientist
believe that we love it when we’re tickled because the part of the brain
that tells us to laugh when we experience a light touch is also the
same part that tells us to expect a painful sensation.

There are numerous hypotheses attempting to explain this. In the late
90s a scientist called Christine Harris did a lot of ticklish
experiments and came up with one idea; that tickling evolved to help
children develop combat skills.

When you tickle your child, he will to run away; teaching them how to
evade an attacker as painlessly as possible. Meanwhile they’re laughing
and smiling so you can just carry on doing it reinforcing the practice.
So keep tickling kids teaches him self defense apparently

4. Hiccups

We get hiccups from time to time. Although hopefully not like Charles
Osborn who hiccupped 68 years making the Guinness book of records.
Again, no one knows why you hiccup and I’m sure if they did Charles
might want to know.

Some scientists believe it evolved as a way for babies to expel air from
their stomachs so they could take on more milk. Another study in 2012
argued that hiccupping started even earlier with our amphibian

Amphibians use a technique similar to hiccupping to push water over
their gills among the crazy techniques to try and get rid of them. No
one knows how you get rid of hiccups either do you except by popular
theory of drinking more water.

3. Shivers Down the Spine

It happens to all of us you’re in a dangerous or stressful situation and
you feel a cold chill go down the length of your spine; your hair may
stand on end and you may also get goose bumps. This happens because in
times of intense pressure your brain releases a burst of adrenaline to
help the brain deal with this situation.

However music can also make you feel shivers down the spine this is
because when you hear a piece of music that affects you emotionally,
your brain is flooded with dopamine, the same chemical that is released
by s*x and good food

2. The Placebo Effect

Have been sick and the doctor gives you a pill and tells you, you’ll be
fine and you get better but however found out later that the pill had no
medication in it and it was just sugar? What’s happened is the placebo
effect. You can trick yourself into getting better.

A 2010 survey showed that 50 percent of doctors have prescribed placebos
to their patients. So why does this work? One theory is that we really
want to show a doctor how great we are so our unconscious minds
suppresses any sickness we may have. People have also used the placebo
effect to sleep better, lose weight and boost their productivity. The
placebo effect is a real-world demonstration of your brains awesome

1. Dreaming

Where would we be without dreams? Our nights would be much duller,
boring and songwriters would struggle for things to write about. But
what do we know about dreaming? Well we know you dream during the rapid
eye movement known as REM section of your sleep. REM usually happens
about 17 minutes after you fall asleep and lost 20 to 30 minutes.
Typically you go through REM sleep three or four times during a normal
night sleep. Your brain is active and your eyes move rapidly. Apart from
that we actually don’t know that much. People have tried to analyze
dreams since time began, but still we don’t know why we see a series of
images and situations when we sleep.

Sigmund Freud believed that dreams were our unconscious desires playing
themselves out. Some experts believe it’s our brain tidying itself up
and emptying itself of useless thoughts. Many religion also believes
that dreams are ways of God speaking to us. Then there are also lucid
dreams where you are aware that you are dreaming and can control your
dreams. There are even studies of monitor patients who [were] rigged up
and observed to be in deep sleep. Despite being able to signal to the
scientist that they were awake with a twitch of their eyelid, if you’d
really like to have a lucid dream because who wouldn’t just imagine what
you could do then. There are several suggested approaches;
unfortunately though the science behind this remains inconclusive. So
there we are.

So share with us embarrassing things your body does that you can’t control?

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