Things You Need To Accept In Your Relationship To Be Happy

True love is never a smooth road. If you want to remain happy all
through your life with your partner in the relationship, there should be
a lot of compromises made, and understanding should be your foundation.
When it comes to relationships there are some couples who expect too
much from their partner and this creates a whole lot of trouble. The
basic thing one must follow in every relationship is to understand and
accept your partner for who he or she is. Only when you learn to love
your partner and their soul, that is when you will find true happiness
in the relationship. Here are some things you need to accept in your
relationship to be happy.

Things you need to accept in your relationship to be happy are:

1.Love Thy Partner With Thy Flaws: As an individual, you have got to
understand that no one on the face of this earth is perfect. We are
human beings and we all have our flaws. So, learn to love your partner
with his or her flaws too.

2.Every Relationship Has A Storm: A relationship is not complete if a
couple never fights. Couples should fight and be aware of their
partner’s other side. It is one of the most important things to accept
when your in love.

3.Families Will Be Married Too: It is not just the two of you starting a
new life together as husband and wife. When you wed, you marry the
entire family. So, this is one of the most important things every couple
must accept when it comes to a relationship.

4.No One Is Perfect: As mentioned earlier, no one is perfect. We are all
made differently in the eyes of God and when you learn to accept that,
your relationship will be a much happier one.

5.Mean Things Will Be Said..PERIOD: We all have our heights of anger and
during this phase there is usually an exchange for words. If you don’t
want to hurt your loved one, refrain from speaking. It is the best way
to pass through this stage in a relationship.

6.PMS.. Can Make You The Lady Crazy: Women, if your going through a PMS
stage, let your partner know about your mood swings. It is their right
to know why your irritated and so moody. By sharing with your partner
how you feel will prevent fights from occurring.

7.Happiness Comes In Small Packages: Happiness always comes in small
packages. If you want to loved one to be happy, do the small and
meaningful things in life which will make a difference in the

These are the things you need to accept in your relationship to be happy.

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