3 Signs A Man Never Loved You During The Relationship

Some of us make the mistake of going into relationships, when we don’t
know what it holds in stock. How will you fall in love because of his
sweet voice? Meanwhile he doesn’t love you one bit.

Well after surveying from my ‘people’ who have gone into relationships
that Love wasn’t present, this are some of the things they do after the
babe summons the courage to tell them she is no more interested.

1. He doesn’t stay up to a week before he gets another bae after he breaks up with you:
Even before some guys call it quit, they already have chicks that are
waiting for them. So the moment you say can we break up, They give the
side chick the go. So you disappear into thin air.

2. He doesn’t send you messages that he is missing you:
If he ever loved you during the relationship, he would still buzz your
life with calls and messages trying to apologize, but you break up with
him and he doesn’t send any call or message, just know you were just
filling the space of a girl friend. He never Loved you.

3. He is not begging you more than once or at all:
He does not try to apologize immediately you give him the sad news.
Instead, He appears to be very normal like he has been expecting it for
days. Your telling him just set him to free space.

So please be careful of who you Love ooo. Don’t be lost amidst paradise and start crying like sister Toke Makinwa.

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