Lady Burns Herself And Boyfriend To Death In Lagos

A 36 year old man identified as John Emeka Obodoechina, has been
burnt to death in Lagos, by his fiancée, Blessing Ohare Ukhurebor,
because he decided to quit the relationship.

DAILY SUN reported that John had dated Blessing for over a year, and she had moved in with him.


John introduced Blessing, from Edo State, to his siblings. He was
advised to study the lady for some time and decide if the family should
formally go to Blessing’s family for dowry payment. .

John was said to have intimated the girl of his intentions to meet
with her family, but the meeting was suspended at the instance of the
lady’s family. A relative of John revealed that he, John, started
noticing some unacceptable behaviour from Blessing. .

Some of the couple’s neighbours also reported that at the slightest
misunderstanding, Blessing would lock the door, pull a kitchen knife and
threaten to stab John.

John’s elder brother, Chief Obodoechina snr, explained that John told
him that he had met Blessing in his office, and that he had been
helping Blessing in the business she was doing with the company from
where they became intimate.

At that time Blessing did not know whether anyone was John’s sister
or colleague in the office, so any calls from a female caller was seen
as a taboo.

That was when John started introducing Blessing to his sisters and colleagues.

But when all that also failed to guarantee peace, John felt that
marriage between Blessing and himself might be disastrous, so he decided
to end the relationship. .

He therefore informed Blessing that both of them should part ways in
peace. But Blessing, apparently didn’t like the idea. The situation
climaxed on August 1.

That was the day John gave Blessing N100, 000 to help her secure an apartment before she set herself and John ablaze.

John’s sister, Angela Ibrahim, said: “She poured fuel on him when he
was sleeping, and lit the match. Unfortunately, because fuel is
inflammable, she was also affected.”

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