People often belong to a religion or get married in
religious ceremonies, and because of this the spiritual significance of
many parts of the wedding ceremony are being performed. Traditions have
grown up around weddings either taken directly from religious teachings
or inspired by spiritual traditions.
Vast majority of
brides wear white on the wedding day, and the tradition has gained
several connotations over the years. Way back, brides would marry in any
colour (although most avoided black and sometimes white because they
were mourning colours) until Queen Victoria who wore a white dress in
her 1840 wedding to set a trend and soon it became standard for brides
to wear white.
Being a Western colonized country, we also adapted
the wearing white for wedding which made Chisom stun on her wedding day
to Chigozirim in a beautiful white ball room wedding dress by La Charis Nigeria. Her glam team consist of Oshewa beauty who did her make up and Tobbies Touch
who styled her hair. Her groom, Chigozirim, was the envy of the ladies
as he was dressed up in an elegant white and black suit from Kimono Kollection.
the presence of family and friends, Chisom and Chigozirim got married
in a beautiful wedding event planned and coordinated by Stop gap events with decorations done by Nwando Signature events.
Scroll down to see Chisom and Chigozirim’s white wedding pictures….
Hello World

Chisom and Chigozirim
The bride
White Bride
First Dance
Couple’s entrane
The Couple
Photo Credit: Klala photography
From the Madivas team, And Akinzgist team we wish Chisom and Chigozirim a happy married life.
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