#MC Galaxy’s Grass To Grace Story Is Inspiring

Popular comedian turned singer, MC Galaxy, may have a larger than life
persona but things have not always been a bed of roses for the Sekem
singer. In a recent interview with Saturday Beats, he mentioned how he
came to Lagos in a night bus from Akwa Ibom to seek greener pastures.

He said that the main reason for coming to Lagos was to audition for a
competition but to his greatest dismay, he was not selected.

“I left Akwa Ibom for Lagos to hustle. Many people do
not know that I was one of the first few Glo Rock and Roll ambassadors.
I was the Mr. Rock and Roll 2009. I was given N250,000 and that was the
first time I ever had that huge sum of money. I wanted to run mad. I
came from Akwa Ibom in a night bus to contest. When I did the audition, I
did not qualify, so I went back inside to meet the judges and I began
to cry. I told them that they did not watch me well and I would love to
dance again. They gave me an opportunity to dance again and when I did,
they laughed and picked me. That was how I won. I was a Glo ambassador
for two years

“I started out as a dancer and before I knew it, I became a
comedian. I discovered my talents through hunger; there is a level of
hunger that one gets to and the person has no choice but to discover his
talent. I remember when I used to sleep in the club. After waking up
early in the morning, I would wash the clothes I slept in so that I
could resume work at the club,” he said.

Known for always flaunting his wealth on social media, the humour
merchant told Saturday Beats that he was aware people questioned his
wealth. He further explained how he makes his money. He said, “People
may want to question my source of wealth but they don’t know about the
private shows that I do. Just because they don’t see me in all these big
shows does not mean I am not working. As a matter of fact, who would
pay you when you attend those big shows? You cannot see me there because
I respect my business so much. I make my money myself.

“However, to be honest, Senator (Godswill) Akpabio is a good man.
If you can gain access to him and ask him for  money with a good
reason, he would oblige you irrespective of where you are from. It
doesn’t mean that he carries money about; neither does it mean that he
just doles out money anyhow. When I was doing my album launch last year,
he was present and he supported me financially. He also advises a lot.”

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