How to answer Jamb CBT 2018 UTME questions

A computer system is assigned to individual candidates and a sit is prepared for you. Be calm and relax, allow the JAMB officers to direct you to your assigned computer system. You have been shown your sit, good sit with good posture. hold your breathe. Don’t be nervous be calm.

You will be required to login into the computer to access your examination portal. JAMB have provided you with login details when you are registering for the Exam. You will now require to login using your login details. After the successful login you can access your Exam environment.

The first thing you must do is to read the instruction very carefully… Please don’t forget to read the instructions.. very important. So how to answer Jamb CBT 2018 UTME questions. If you have browsed the webpages with a lot of navigation then you can answer UTME questions with computer. All you need to do is to master the navigation to and fro your computer screen.

JAMB Special keys

There are dedicated keys you will have to master as a shortcut. The keys perform a specific tasks. Also you need to familarised yourself with keyboard of a computer to quickly identify the special keys for your exam. They are keys 8 keys unless JAMB has updated the examination interface. The keys are  A,B,C,D,P,N,S and R.

Each of the keys perform a specific function. Let us breakdown the function of each key.

A – You press key A if you feel is the right answer.

B – Press B if you think the correct option is B.

C – Press C if your answer is C

D: Use this if you feel the correct answer to the question at hand is D.

P: Press button P to go to previous question.

N: Use button N to see the next question.

S: This button submits your answer. Ensure to cross check your work before submitting.

R: This key is used to reverse or undo.

However if you are not sure of any option don’t waste more of your time on it, quickly press the N key to take you to the next question. Never waste time on question you don’t know, leave the question and go for the next.

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