1: The love birds- This ones are super glue if you take a step further you must marry them.

2: The no dating type: This ones don’t believe in love. Anything love disguise them…

3: The friend zone type: This type of chicks can Friendzone for naija… There friendzoning is so strong that you just can’t escape except you a really really good alpha who can read the signs and run ASAP…. You try romacing… Super friend zone.

4: I don’t have chicks aka I no get o: choi this kind of this chicks never have.. They will come to your place and complain Francis change this na, You don’t have a chair, Francis do this as if her father is otedela.

If you ask dem for one 1 naira… See resitation of peom.

5: The chop stick chicks: aka chop chop… This kind of chick barely know how to cook. If they have a little opportunity with you they will wreck you like miley Cyrus…. Recking balls. grin grin Shoprite babes.

6: Beggi beggi chick: This type can beg you for toothpick. They got no pity even if you it’s your last they will still beg.

7: No shame chick: Recently came across one… Suprisely she choke the air with her unclassified ass. In public. 3times she did that and was laffing. If you dont understand she mess.. lolz angry grin

8: I cant say no: This type to me it’s good and same time bad…�� if you want to kill them wouldn’t talk, you ask for hmmm hmmm hmmm….They will still do.. Keeping you hanging with thought and been scared.

9: independent chick: choi this kind of gals are rare oo.. Came across one once unfortunately, I didn’t date her cause she was too possessive aka alpha ladies…. this chicks wouldn’t let you pay there tfare or they prefer doing everything spending… only been with one for 2weeks. Just Platonic relationship.

10: Shy shy baby: Chineke i swear i love this kind of chick. And they can be annoying and hard to understand. They can shy for africa. Most look more cute been shy. If this kind of babe like you.. if you not good at reading women signs or you cant make dem talk. You go run…

11: Owo blow chick: Never meet this kind of chick. But got friends who have.. Hopefully i will some day..winks. grin

This kind of babes don’t want your money if they like you. She will Behind you up, spend for you… in fact you get so uncomfortable, appreciating and feeling lucky…Am looking for one ooo sha sha..ehn ehn ehn. grin

12: Church type: This one form like they control the whole church. If you talk dirty or try romance dem. See quoting .. Well most are pretending good with backyard business… You will see they in dark arena, MECHANIC shop, bush or underground. Not all oo

13: Emotional chick: This kind are so emotional if you tell them ” I hate you ” see cry and innocent face. In fact there emotional side can make you fall in love…

14: Ass whispers: Mehn this type are wrestlers, bullies and fighters. You Bleep up “20 man shall fall that day if you cross my lane oo” This kind got no heart at all… cry

15: Na you go run: ehn never been with one before… ehn this types are what we call “Mama” Opko” I call them “Classic 212” lolz if you like take, igbo, baby opku, orojin, trams, Viga, dem still dey strong… I will never meet one IJN. grin

16: Hide my feeling.. This ones will like you to show you or give you sign na wahala. TODAY dey will show you sign tomorrow day will start acting like our nollywood jim iyke grin. If you toast dem… Dey attitude and looking will freask you out… Until you last last find out she likes you.Last man standing.

17: God’s Hand… This type are so caring dey attitude can make you think she loves you. Unaware it’s her nature.

18: Too big: This type can cause road accident, war, fight or quarrel between guys with there front and back…. I call dem careless… grin there appearance alone will give you a second thought to run… And she might not be like that….. To woo dem will choke off your moral…… grin

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