T.I. and Tiny just love making up after a big fight! Here’s all the EXCLUSIVE details!

Few couples can compete with the wild relationship that T.I. , 37, and Tameka “Tiny” Harris , 42, have shared through the years ! But despite it all, they are still together. So, what’s their secret? Well, according to our insiders, they may have big blowups but making up between these 2 usually leads to the bedroom! “T.I. and Tiny’s fights always result in make-up sex, and it’s always the best kind of sex for these two,” an insider tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Tiny teases Tip by joking that she believes he actually sometimes starts fights purely so it will lead to crazy good make-up sex! Tip and Tiny are both incredibly passionate people, and they’re really alike in a lot of ways—that’s one of their major negatives, as well as pluses—they both fight intensely, and then make-up in the same way.”

The insider went on to add that although this routine sounds volatile and emotionally draining, it’s kept them together! “They know it’s not the healthiest of relationship dynamics. But, hey, it clearly works for them somehow—and they are both staunch believers in not stewing on things, or sulking. If either of them is angry or upset, they get it right out in the open, duke it out, and then hit the sack!”

These juicy details come just days after days after T.I. and Tiny threw a bash to celebrate their daughter

Heiress‘s 2nd birthday! And although the day included loads of family-friendly fun, we’re hearing it ended with the couple having a little party of their own! “T.I. and Tiny are great at making kids and with seven children between them, they are always celebrating birthdays,” an insider previously told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Every party always has the same effect, it puts the parents in the baby-making mood. After celebrating little Heiress’s birthday with the kids this week, T.I. and Tiny celebrated again, intimately, alone in the bedroom.” OMG!

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