Tips To Help College Students Tackle Fatigue

University education is stressful and very tiresome, but you can beat all that with these four powerful reassuring tips below.

Sleep Better

Good sleep is essential for tackling body fatigue.

“Everyone has a circadian rhythm, which determines how much sleep you need and when you need to sleep,” says Dr. Tara Scott, obstetrician and gynecologist for Summa Health System and founder of Revitalize medical group.

Not getting the proper amount of sleep as a college student means you will burnout too fast. Dr Scott advises if you stay up late at night, you should sleep early.

“The optimal amount of sleep is seven to eight hours a night, and you should ideally go to bed before midnight.”

Feed Your Body Better

College students are known for having unhealthy eating habits and food lifestyles. Fast foods are the most preferred alternatives.

Fast foods lack basic food nutrients and even though you fill your stomach everyday with them, you’re getting mostly empty calories and loads of fat, salt and sugar with few actual nutrients that your body needs to function.

Dr Scott suggests incorporating proteins in your diet, especially your breakfast.

Always add a good amount of veggies in your meals and make sure you’re getting enough vitamins and eating at least 3 meals a day.


Give Yourself Breaks

College courses are numerous, with loads of credit attached to them, and usually bulky.

You dedicate long hours studying them and while they are some that are easy to grasp, others are like Sudoku, they task your brain.

However, you should know that long hours don’t equate productivity. While seemingly contrary, stepping away from your busy study life can boost your productivity.

Other times you just need to study for shorter hours with maximum concentration, which’s been proven to be actually better. So try it out.


Choose Your Peak Time

There always a particular time when you stay sharpest and your mind is like the winding hand of the wall clock. It’s active and present. Use this hours to do your hardest stuffs.

Not certain when your peak time is? Get a notebook and take down your activity logs, noting when you’re most active and when your mind and body’s strongest, then structure your activity accordingly.

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