Where You can get  free Wi-Fi When You Travel

Where to get free Wi-Fi When You Travel.

So, when travelling, these are the sure places you can get free Wi-Fi.

  1. Know businesses that offer free WiFi: There are some businesses and place you will visit that has Free WiFi such as restaurants, gymnasiums, and schools now have free WiFi.

  2. Only book hotels with free WiFi: When booking a hotel, try to made it clear that you are booking the one that offers free WiFi. Some hotels offers it as an incentive to attract more booking. Hence, bringing more customers.

  3. Browse free Sites: You can browse free websites available in Nigeria for Free without using mobile data or connecting to a WiFi. E.g and Facebook can be accessed without using WiFi.

  4. Use a WiFi hotspot database: Use a hotspot database like WeFi – is a platform where you simply type in your location and it populates the map with places offering free WiFi. There are also WeFi apps for iPhone and Android you can download.

  5. Use your friend’s phone as a hotspot: If you happen to be travelling with someone, you can use his or her phone as a hotspot and make sure he/she knows.

Helpful? You can add more places where you usually connect to free Wi-Fi in your area or other places.

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