Hi Damsels!
Often times, we are more willing
to splurge on a beautiful designer handbags than on any other wardrobe
component. We justify our purchase by saying, “Well, this’ll last me for
years.” This occurs especially when we wish to make that new bag our bag of the week.
Well, all these bring us to why and how we should preserve and properly
care for these investment items. Luckily, there are a few simple steps
you can take to ensure that your precious satchels are kept in mint
condition for years to come.



Here are the five tricks to ensure your bag lasts for years;
1. Practice Routine Maintenance:
handling your bag if your hands are dirty or have lotion or cream on
them. Keep your bag out of direct sunlight. Rotate which handbag you
carry regularly so that they don’t wear out too quickly. Use a suede
brush to clean and revive suede. Regular use of a leather moisturizer
will keep the leather supple and free of cracks. Wipe your bag down on a
weekly basis with a soft cloth.
2. Protect the Material:
Scotchgard Fabric
will do the trick for fabric panels if you want to shield your new bag
from spills and dirt before they happen. Apply product with a clean
white cotton cloth, followed by a dry cotton cloth to buff. Use products
regularly on heavily used bags. With any products, test a small patch
on the bag to make sure it doesn’t cause discoloration.

3. Store Them Properly:

Have that beautiful bag of yours last for years with these few tricks!

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