Beauty entails every part of a woman’s body, from the crown of her
head to the sole of her feet. Usually, ladies are not just obsessed with
their skin, but are equally obsessed with the prettiest hair of all
types; from natural hair, to sew-in weaves and wigs.
If you are
looking forward to changing your look from replacing wigs to sew-ins,
then here’s really a good place to be at this time. There are some hairstyle inspirations for
you! Over time, I’ve come to fall in love with a simple but
sophisticated, neatly cut hair. Although it’s not just about falling in
love with such, but knowing if it really fits you.
I’m never
scared to try out a new hairstyle though. Not all the time braids or
extra long hair which can be tiresome. Well, consider short or
jaw-length hair which would be easy to swing or bundle when the need
arises. For a fun, classy look opt for a tinted weave or two-toned hair.
the other hand, if you are that one colour type of chic,  it is just
okay to stick with the colour that suits your real hair colour.
Some weave’s and natural hairstyles that would be perfect for you if you
are ditching your braids are telephone curls, short bob, fringed hair,
short wavy tinted hairstyle or a simple shoulder length straight hair.
Here are the six and weave and natural hairstyles to rock if you are ditching braids this time;

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

Style 4

Style 5

Style 6
Well, ditching braids really got easier wearing these weave and natural hairstyles!
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