Maximizing what we have has been an “African Theme” . We
Africans were born with so much spice literally, just take a look around
you, you can tell we are full of it.
For us our major concern is
creativity; at first the African print was pushed aside and this is
because were in the “westernized phase”. If you don’t know what the
“westernized phase” is then here’s a simple definition; this is the era
in which everything from over-seas was said to be better than anything
made in Africa.
While I can’t go out and say with 100% assurance
that we no longer have this attitude where we feel everything made out
of Africa is crap, I can say with audacity that the “Westernized” Era is
phasing out and has been phasing out for longer than we think.
lets get back to how we Africans maximize what we have or are given…. I
would call the Ankara a gift because we all know the history of how it
came into being. This gift kept on giving and is still giving as you
would clearly see from this post.
The African print fabric has
proven that it is more versatile than it was made out to be in the first
place. It is an amazing fabric that everyone should prioritize in their
style-life. To convince you of the originality and versatility that the
Ankara is especially when it boils down to “uniqueness” here are some
fabulous Ankara styles pieces you can try:

Frock Avenue


These Ankara styles are perfect, don’t you think so.

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