ExtremismExtremismExtremismExtremism: The return of aspiringterrorist

Leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria Ibrahim El-

Zakzaky and the chirf of army staff Tukur Buratai

A few lone voices named th

e Islamic Movement of

Nigeria (IMN) Shiite Sect as part of the gang.

The strategies of the anti-Buratai gang has changed

even though it remained simple. The intention has

however not changed: Buratai is their enemy and

must go so it matters not if he is booted out of office

over lies told against him. The strategy has been

modified to focus on President Buhari as the

pressure point.

After all, he is the one that appointed and the only

one that can sack the COAS.

In December of 2015 IMN’s alleged attempt on

Buratai’s life drew unexpected repercussions, the

sect that has oppressed Zaria and environs in Kaduna

state never expected law and order could be enforced

by a secular army.

They had built a militant base of radicalized youths

that enforced their brutal occupation of the areas

they chose; they were also reported to have

infiltrated government at its highest level. One expert

on their modus operandi even warned of how they

posed greater threat than Boko Haram insurgents.

After the repercussions for their ill thought attempt

on Buratai’s life the true source of their insolence

surfaced, the Islamic Republic of Iran, global

purveyor of Shiism, surfaced as the hand behind the


Under the cover of joining the global condemnation

of casualty from the military operation it unleashed

record setting propaganda. Its then Ambassador to

Nigeria, Saheed Kozechi, literally reduced Nigeria to

an Iranian outpost.

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to release El-Zakzaky (+photos)

Internal investigations were dismissed as

inconsequential. Crisis entrepreneurial local and

international NGOs were conscripted to the charge.

The goal was simple: demonize Buratai, tarnish the

Army. This has no place in international relations.

So Kozechi got fired. The Iranian – Shiite – IMN

propaganda financing dried up with the shutting off

of this particular access point. With dried up funds

the IMN war on the COAS went into a unilateral

ceasefire. No point wasting resources on a pointless

war. The likes of Harun Elbinawi and other Shiite

cyber warlords went incommunicado with the loss of

Iranian revenue.

Boko Haram however did not go into hibernation.

Looted Nigerian public funds ensured their own

propaganda against Buratai went on. Their corrupt

sleeper cells in the military got purged.

The front they opened in the Niger Delta ran out of

goodwill before they could frustrate the Nigerian

state. There was new incentive to have the COAS

head on a platter, just any platter. So they trawled

and their contacts in government came up with was

to be a big gun.

Only that their big gun turned out to be nothing but a

walking stick. Buratai with his wife own property in

Dubai. But the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB)

submitted property were properly declared as per

what the law expected. The military authorities

cleared him.

The Ministry of Defence exonerated him. The

Presidency has nothing against him. The attack

crowd is angry.

The baying for blood continued notwithstanding.

Buratai’s blood. So they called for reinforcement in

the offensive to remove the COAS and revert to the

status quo.

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