Owing to one’s deep affection of all things Ankara, one can really not stop trying something new with the lovely Ankara fabric.
For instance, giving an old pair of abandoned  peep-toe sandals a new
look by covering them in a yummy African print fabric shouldn’t be a bad
idea. In fact, you would feel very accomplished because it won’t take a
super long time for you to actually start working on such a lovely DIY
project. Having all the materials you need on ground really helps your
Ankara print sandals project easier.
Materials needed for your Ankara print sandals are;

  • Old shoes
  • Ankara Fabric
  • Mod podge or fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • X-acto knife
  • Clothespins (optional)

All processes are in just one picture tutorial. To begin, do the following;

  • Cut
    out enough fabric to generously cover the shoe piece you are
    covering. Apply mod podge to shoe. Position fabric over shoe. Press
    fabric into glue and smooth out any wrinkles.
  • Then go ahead to
    trim all excess fabrics away, leaving about ¼ of excess fabric all
    around. Besides, you will need to cut into the fabric vertically to get
    fabric to lay flat around curves. Tuck excess fabric inside of shoe and
    mod podge in place.
  • Also use an x-acto knife to trim fabric very close to sole edge. Seal it all together with a coat of mod podge and allow to dry.
  • Then use clothespins or paperclips to hold the inner fabric in place while it dries.
This picture tutorial explains the processes better;

covering your shoes in Ankara fabrics should always be fun as it truly
makes you very unique when you eventually step out in your lovely Ankara
print sandals!

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