President Buhari’s popularity drasticallydropped

The latest poll conducted by NOI Polls, a West

Africa’s leading polling services organisation, shows

that President Muhammadu Buhari has lost some of

his supporters in the last month.

Buhari’s approval rating for June has plummeted to

39% from the 48% he received in May, This Day


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The results of the poll were made available to the

reporters, in Abuja.

It indicates the lowest approval rating started 13

months ago. The president’s rating was highest in

October, peaking at 80%.

“This latest score represents a 9-point decline when

compared to the rating in May which stood at 48%, the

investigators said.

In February, President Buhari’s rating, according to

the poll, stood at 57%.

The economic analyst told journalists that there is no

doubt that the economy is currently facing a lot of


The report also disclosed a decline in the approval of

the country’s leader across 5 geopolitical zones,

when compared to the month of May.

“The North-east, zone with 59%. On the other hand the

South-east and South-south zones had the least approval

rating of 8% and 24% respectively ,” it added.

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Buhari performance

Buhari’s rating on sectoral bases showed that

Nigerians were discontented in the areas of conflict

resolution, agriculture and food security with scores

of 28 and 21 % correspondingly.

This came just several days after the president while

reacting to reports from a recent survey which

showed that his approval ratings have fallen claimed

that Nigerians still love him.

A national survey by the Centre for Democracy and

Development entitled the Buharimeter Report, had

said: “We can also infer that there are still gaps between

campaign promises, public expectations, government

policies and actions. These need to be aligned properly

going forward.”

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