A lot of us do not realize how vital our nails are, whether
the toe nails or our finger nails… For our toe nails, slapping on some
nail colors is not going to help heal that crack that was caused because
you hit your leg somewhere and broke your nail and now you have a black
For your fingers, remember you eat with those hands (yes my
fellow darling Africans I am talking to you) so you have to be as
hygienic as possible and that means taking care of your nails.


care is as vital as brushing your teeth, washing your hair and having a
bath and so you must take note to properly clean and cut them. Here are
some nail care behaviors you should establish;

  1. After eating
    or toughing dirt or doing anything that would make your hands and legs
    dirty, you must remember to wash well with warm water and soap. This
    would prevent bacteria and make sure your nails stay intact.
  2. You
    can’t always get under your nails for the most part; this is where a
    clean nail brush comes into play. This brush would attack the particles
    and leave your nails as clean as they should be.
  3. After washing
    hand, use your a clean towel and not a dirty towel to pat your hands
    dry… you could even have a special towel for your hands.
  4. When it comes down to cutting your nails remember to use a clean nail cutter… clean it with spirit first before you proceed.

This are a few tips for taking care of your nails, I hope you’ve learnt something new.

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