Top Clinton aide Huma Abedin separates from husband Anthony Weiner after latest 'sext scandal'

Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s long-time

confidante, is separating from Anthony

Weiner, her former-congressman

husband, following his latest sexting scandal.

Explicit photographs Mr Weiner reportedly

exchanged with another woman emerged on

Sunday. In one he appears to have posed in

his underwear alongside his and Abedin’s

four-year-old son.

Ms Abedin remained with Mr Weiner

following two other high-profile scandals,

one which led to his resignation from

Congress in 2011 and another which came

during his ill-fated run for mayor of New

York City in 2013.

Ms Abedin, who is a constant presence by

Mrs Clinton’s side on the campaign trail,

announced on Monday that she was leaving

Mr Weiner.

Huma Abedin (R) speaks with Hillary Clinton during

the 2008 Democratic primary election campaign


“After long and painful consideration and

work on my marriage, I have made the

decision to separate from my husband,” she

said in a statement. “Anthony and I remain

devoted to doing what is best for our son,

who is the light of our life. During this

difficult time, I ask for respect for our


Republican presidential nominee Donald

Trump quickly weighed in on the news.

Donald Trump

“Huma is making a very wise decision. I

know Anthony Weiner well, and she will be

far better off without him,” he said in a

statement, according to the New York Times.

“I only worry for the country in that Hillary

Clinton was careless and negligent in

allowing Weiner to have such close

proximity to highly classified information,”

he added.

“Who knows what he learned and who he

told? It’s just another example of Hillary

Clinton’s bad judgment. It is possible that

our country and its security have been

greatly compromised by this.”

Mr Trump, who has been divorced twice

himself, has commented on Ms Abedin’s

relationship with Mr Weiner in the past.

Ms Abedin remained with Mr Weiner following two

other high-profile scandals

He speculated last year that classified

information Ms Abedin had access to as a

result of her work for Mrs Clinton would be

jeopardised because of her marriage to “one

of the great sleezebags of our time”.

“So now – think of it – Huma is getting

classified secrets. She is married to Anthony

Weiner, who is a perv,” he said during a

campaign event in Massachusetts. “Now

these are confidential documents and guess

what happens to Anthony Weiner. A month

ago he went to work for a public relations

firm. ”

“So she’s married to Anthony Weiner. Do you

think there is even a 5 per cent chance she is

not telling Anthony Weiner – now of a public

relations firm – what the hell is coming


He also advised Ms Abedin to leave Mr

Weiner in posts to Twitter before he entered


Ms Abedin, 40, met Mrs Clinton while

serving as a White House intern in 1996.

She was an aide and adviser to Mrs Clinton

during her time in the US senate, and her

deputy chief of staff at the state department.

She is expected to remain in Mrs Clinton’s

inner circle should the former secretary of

state return to the White House.

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