UK protests Twitter’s block on user data

Twitter appThe British government is protesting
against Twitter’s decision to withdraw access to user data used to
investigate potential terrorist plots.

The information was previously used by the police and the MI5 intelligence agency.
However, the Telegraph newspaper cited industry sources, in a report on 25 April, saying the government’s access had been “blocked”.
Twitter declined to comment on the matter.
are protesting this decision. We are in talks with Twitter on getting
access to this data,” a government spokesman said, according to the
Reuters news agency.
The BBC understands that the data in question
is available to private companies but the Home Office has now been
denied access to it.
Twitter appRecent reports of Twitter data being used for
surveillance had caused the company “great concern”, vice president
Chris Moody wrote in a blog post last November.
“Our commitment to social justice is core to our mission and well established,” he wrote.
to that, the firm had already blocked the CIA from purchasing data on
Twitter users from the data-gathering service Dataminr.

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