Trump: Alice Johnson Owes All Thanks To Kim K

Trump: Alice Johnson Owes All Thanks To Kim K.

President Trump just gave Kim Kardashian all the credit for Alice Johnson’s prison release.
The President was giving an interview to “FOX & Friends” on the White House lawn Friday and was talking about meeting Kim and her quest to free Alice.
Recall Kim took up Alice’s cause last year and arranged meetings to get the great-grandmother’s life sentence commuted after she was convicted in 1997 for a nonviolent crime.
Alice had no idea who Kim was, but Kim took it upon herself to ultimately end up with Trump in the Oval Office and convince 45 to let her free. He did … leading to Alice’s emotional reunion with her family, which Trump dubbed as a beautiful thing.
And now Trump is even saying, the only person Alice owes a Thank You too is Kim.

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