How to Get Your Child on The Right Track- First Day in school

The very first days of school will be very

STRESSFUL for a CHILD and it is up to the parents to help in every way possible to make this a happy time for the child. They need to be able to tell the teacher what they need – e.g. to go to the toilet during class if needed. Parents must teach the children as to how to do up their SHOES and go to the TOILET at the appropriate times, before starting school.

Leaving them with a friend for a couple of hours will help. Most schools have an introductory day when new children spend a short time in class. Try to attend this with your child. Better still, make sure they are used to being separated from you for short periods of time before school begins. Getting them used to recess and lunch breaks will also help them adjust to school life.

If they have to go on a bus or train, make sure they are used to this form of TRAVEL and see that they have an older child to help them. A good idea is to ‘play school’ at home for a week or two before they start. You can pack their lunch and recess snacks in a bag and make sure they understand which one they should eat first. Get them to sit at a small desk to do

WORK and put up their hand to ask you for something, e.g. to go to the toilet. Always be on time to pick a child up after school.

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