The parents must make sure that they somehow bring their children a book reading habit as it will continue to improve vocabulary. As your child becomes more proficient in reading, share the reading.

· Have books available in every room, so your child will be able to look at books often.

· Using your own experiences try to tell stories to your child.

· Helping your child to recognize letters, numbers, and shapes.

· Read a story and ask your children also develop his/her own story by seeing the pictures and at last ask them questions and let them try to answer by looking at the picture These skills encourage two-way communication as well as check for understanding.

· Encourage your child to select various types of books to read. Help them to find books to match your child’s interests (cars, animals, sports, etc).

· Whenever you are going out ask your kids to keep the books with them in order to kill the time.

· Encourage reading everyday for pleasure, and make sure your child sees you reading, too.

· Give books as gifts to your kids.

· Let your child read the stories to their family members and friends.

· Encourage using the newspaper to find different types of information.

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