Samsung is the top brand in the Android / smartphone market, so it’s no surprise they keep on improving on their products. This time, Samsung is planning to develop its own Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that’ll be integrated on the Exynos chipsets. For this purpose, Samsung has listed graphics engineer job positions on its LinkedIn.
This comes on the back of the rapid success of the Exynos Chipsets. The Exynos chipsets are so incredible that AnTuTu benchmarks even rated the most recent Exynos 9810 chipset over the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 in terms of speed of performance.
The GPU, once developed, will first roll out with the low cost / budget Samsung smartphones. Considering the performance of the GPU on the budget devices, Samsung will develop even better iterations for its premium devices. Even more, the OEM could develop these GPUs for machine learning and autonomous cars.
Currently, Exynos chipsets make use of GPUs supplied by ARM. Other than ARM, Qualcomm also supplies Samsung with Adreno GPUs used on Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs.

That doesn’t take out the fact that the Korean manufacturer produces a whole lot of its smartphone components. In fact, it supplies some of its equipment to other OEMs. Apple even made use of Samsung’s display in the iconic iPhone X; that’s the extent of Samsung’s adeptness.
Once this comes into play, Samsung would be the first and only Android manufacturer to make its own GPU. At the advent of this, the OEM will have the cutting-edge over most of its nearby competitors.

From a different point of view, this can also be a bid to match Apple’s development of their in-house GPU. Well, Apple also dumped PowerVR’s supply chain of GPU which it implemented in its bionic processors. Whatsoever Samsung’s intentions are, the success of this innovation means more profits to the account for the brand.
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