I will explain my personal experience. I am an international student in Canada from India.

  1. I wake up every morning by 7.
  2. Get ready and go to dining hall by 7:45
  3. I eat breakfast by 7:55 am
  4. Then I rush for my math class to the other end of the university
  5. Then I rush for my other classes.
  6. At 1:00pm, I go for my part time job at Walmart cuz I have to reach there by 1:15pm
  7. I work there till 4:15.
  8. Then I rush back to attend my computer science class at 4:30pm.
  9. At 5:30pm, I run for my other work at Mexican grill and work there till 6:45pm.
  10. When I am back, I am left with tons of assignments and projects to complete.
  11. I complete them by 2:00 am
  12. I sleep and within minutes the sun shines again and I do the same things again

Is it difficult ? Not for me. I love doing it. That’s why my scores are always good, and my managers are always happy with me. Plus I am making dollars as well. So, I love Canada and I am enjoying my life here.

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