Real Signs You’re Feeling A Loss Of Attraction For Your Partner


Real Signs You’re Feeling A Loss Of Attraction For Your Partner


1. Everything about them annoys you.

Before, you loved the way they’d slurp when eating soup or the way they hugged you, but now, everything they do bothers you. You can’t handle the way they look at you, how they speak or dress, for you, you can’t take it anymore. But is this just a mask for something deeper? Does this mean it’s over or are you able to move past this?

2. You think about other people.

There could be someone at work that you find attractive or your partner’s friend. When you think about them, you feel butterflies, you can’t stop thinking about them. At this moment, your partner isn’t someone you’re really interested in.

Maybe they bore you or certain characteristics irritate you or maybe you’ve grown apart. But the key thing here is that your libido is functioning normal, it’s just that you aren’t attracted to your partner.

3. You don’t want to have sex with them.

You don’t mind having sex. In fact, you enjoy having sex, but sex with them is no longer a desire for you. When something lacks in the relationship, people have less of a desire for sex with their partner.

In other cases, sex simply became boring. However, this doesn’t mean you’re not attracted to them. It could be that you have a loss of libido caused by stress or depression.

4. You don’t think of them during sex.

When having sex, your mind is in a totally different place. You think about other people, what you need to buy at the store, should you go to the gym, thoughts that certainly don’t need to be in the bedroom. Clearly, the sex has become routine.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re no longer attracted to them, it could mean that you need to light a spark in the bedroom though.

5. You don’t know why you found them attractive.

When you go back to when you first met them, you can’t remember why you found them attractive in the first place. In your head, you can’t seem to pinpoint what it was about them that made you give them a double take.

But this is where you start figuring out why you’re no longer attracted to them. You have to start somewhere, right? This takes some digging in your memory bank.

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