Starting A New Relationship? Your Checklist To A Happy Romance

You’re finally starting a new relationship, but what does that actually mean? Well, it’s a lot more work than you think it is, but completely worth it.

#1 Be honest.

If you can’t be honest right off the bat, then your relationship isn’t going to last. You need to be honest with this person right from the start of your relationship. This is usually the hardest part, but if you’re true to yourself, you’ll be true to the relationship. That’s what will keep you together through thick and thin.

#2 Take it slow.

When you really like someone, you really want to speed things up. It’s completely normal. But this is the mistake that we always make, and what happens is that the honeymoon phase fizzles out quickly. Instead, why not enjoy it?

This is the moment where you’re supposed to be going on exciting and fun dates, having sexy sleepovers, and truly getting to know each other.

#3 No fights over text.

Please, oh please, before you angrily text your partner, think about it. Are they really going to read this message the way you want them to? Of course not. You need to talk about any issue with them face-to-face. This time in the relationship is crucial for establishing communication. You need to create a standard.

#4 Leave your exes out of it.

Listen, I’m super guilty of this. I don’t necessarily compare my exes to my current boyfriend, but I do tend to bring them up in conversations when I’m talking about funny situations from the past. I can’t help that they were there! But honestly, you need to keep them out of the conversation or else it looks like you haven’t moved on.

#5 See your friends.

I cannot express this enough. Even I made the mistake of spending too much time with my boyfriend and leaving my friends on the sideline. It’s easy to become wrapped up in a relationship and ignore the people who’ve been around you for years. You need to spend no more than half your time with your partner. You need time with your friends and family.

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